It Starts With a Plan – The Importance of a Three Year Fundraising Plan

In my last Fundraising Funnel blog post, I wrote about setting fundraising goals and how development organisations need to develop budgets across staffs and from the programmatic level upward.  In this post, Not My Goal!, I suggested that in so many organisations goals are placed upon staff rather than goals developed in concert with the staff.  I wrote that the best way to get “buy in” on fundraising goals is to involve everyone across the organisation.

Does your organisation have a three year fundraising operating plan?  If not, isn’t now the time to get started?  How can you know where you are going without having a roadmap?  How can you use that map without knowing the routes you will take?

All good fundraising efforts begin with a strong fundraising plan, itself a part of the overall strategic plan for your organisation.  What most staff need is an appreciation for the development plan, a structure to commence the creation of their organisation’s plan, and idea sharing to prevent “writer’ block”!

What are the first tasks you need to accomplish to complete a three year strategic development plan?  What should the structure of the plan look like and what are the key components of any strategic plan?  How detailed should the plan be?

Join me in Sydney on 31 May for a workshop called It Starts With a Plan where we will roll up our sleeves and, together, commence the writing of your organisation’s strategic fundraising plan.  In this session, participants will:

  • Learn why we create development plans
  • Learn the essentials of development plans
  • Discover the components of a development plan
  • Gain an appreciation for the measurable aspects contained within the plan
  • Commence the writing of your organisation’s three year strategic fundraising plan

Who should attend?

  • Fundraising Mangers
  • Executive Directors, CEOs, Finance Directors
  • Fundraising staff
  • Finance staff
  • Board members and other volunteers

Spending the 31st of May in this workshop could dramatically change the direction of your fundraising!

For more information on this one day seminar, please contact me at