Australian banks are some of the most flexible in the world and with rates now lower than ever before, many experts put their willingness to lend down to the stable economy that the land down under gets to enjoy on a yearly basis. But there’s really no guarantee that getting a mortgage will be easy for everyone. In reality, between 0 and 40% of applicants might actually find themselves being rejected for a number of factors.

This is one of the reasons why experts are now advising first time home buyers to do their research before diving in at the deep end. Not only can the extra effort pay off when it comes time to applying for a home loan with an Australian bank – it can also help to ensure that the borrower knows what it is that they are signing up to. Some turn to mortgage brokers; a financial expert that specialises in finding the right types of home loans for those in need.

Others make use of online tools such as mortgage calculators to help them to get to grips with their borrowing power and what they might be able to repay if their mortgage is successful. The reality is that there’s no solid way to guarantee a successful mortgage application – but those that make a point of handling the research and putting in the time will certainly be more likely to go on to enjoy a productive application process.

And how can this be done?

By taking advantage of any and all available resources. Hiring a mortgage broker in Melbourne can be useful, as they should be able to help you to get to grips with the borrowing market and manage your application. Likewise, a home loans calculator can help by exploring your financial potential; allowing you to see which type of mortgage may be the most suitable for your earnings.

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