If you are looking forward to selling your house, you must look for possible ways to add its value. Making more money from selling your home is sensational. However, you may be discouraged by renovations cost but is the only sure way that can bulge your pocket after selling. Here come the money saving tips that will augment the value of your home in the shortest time.


A quick, cheap way to raise the value of your home is through painting. Rooms will look new after a fresh coat of paint; however, you need to be very careful when choosing the colours. The most thoughtful way is to pick neutral colours, as they will attract more potential buyers. Available literature recommends staying away from colours such as dark brown and terracotta especially for the interior part of the house.

Appliances Renovations

The kitchen is one of the surest places that will boost the value of the home. Therefore, it is essential to remodel the kitchen in entirety; however, you can replace a few items if you cannot afford the remodelling cost. Start with the kitchen appliances such as the refrigerators and microwaves and purchase uniform, attractive colourful appliances. Suffice to note; small kitchen renovations will ideally make a gigantic difference.

Changing the door Knobs

While your home is on sale, even flimsy details matter and the details that go unrealised is the door knobs. Replacing the doorknobs especially on the kitchen cabinets add flair to your home. Replacing the doorknobs do not attract huge costs. Suffice to note, when replacing the knobs keep in mind the home era and replace the modern knobs hence lure potential customers.

Installation of the vanity cabinets and toilets

Do not forget the home bathroom and add value to them by giving them a mini bathroom makeover. Consider flooring the walls and shower with beautiful tiles. Pick small, textured shower tiles as the texture, and more grouts keep the feet from slipping once the floor is wet with soapy water. Recent tiles are easy to clean, and they have grouts that resist mould, stains, and humidity. Porcelain and ceramic tiles have a range of d├ęcor options; therefore, mix and match various patterns and colours to achieve appropriate visual impact and a humorous look.

In summary, renovating your home not only adds value to the house but also attracts many potential buyers. It is essential therefore to give your home a maximum positive visual impact through painting, replacing doorknobs, cabinets and choosing colourful tiles for the bathroom and the toilets.

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